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By Peng T. Ong

You have 100 years on this planet, and then you will be gone. What are you going to do with it? The way I see it, there are three routes you could take:

  1. Nihilism - there is no meaning, and no reason for you to exist

  2. Stoicism - you are trying to achieve virtue, and perhaps make a dent in the world.

  3. Hedonism - you are trying to maximise the experiences in your life.

Option 1 isn’t really a sustainable option. Your biology rails against it; it wants to exist.

And out of the remaining two options - you can’t choose more than one -- they are in conflict. Perhaps in the process of doing #2, you could experience #3. But there needs to be a primary focus: achieving or experiencing.

One thing I’ve discovered from many conversations with entrepreneurs is that a person’s purpose is not discovered. One does not find a purpose. A person’s purpose is a conscious decision. It is an act of faith that you choose a particular purpose for your life to be about.

Every one of those 100 years is irreplaceable. Once lived/expended, they cannot be replaced. The sooner you get to a point where you can focus your remaining years on your chosen purpose, the bigger an opportunity you have to live to your purpose.

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